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implant dentistry with a personalized touch

At Mesa Dental Implants & Dentures, we put our patients first. From the moment you step into our office to the completion of your procedure, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed every step of the way. Dr. Logan will provide professional and honest advice to help you make a well-informed decision in-line with your individual goals.

Our team is never salesy — instead, we provide transparent pricing and let you make the best decision on your own timeline. Not only do we enjoy getting to know our patients and building long-lasting friendships, but we also go the extra mile to decrease any anxiety you may be accustom to feeling at other dental offices.

At Mesa Dental Implants & Dentures, we love what we do and we think it shows. Give us a call or book your FREE Consultation online and allow us the opportunity to put a beaming smile on your face today!

Team at Mesa Dental Implants and Dentures by Dr. Logan
front door at Mesa Dental Implants and Dentures by Dr. Logan

Dr. Logan Cornwell and family

Dr. Logan Cornwell, DMD

Dr. Logan is a Gilbert native, and proud to call AZ home. Dr. Logan was inspired to pursue dentistry by a sense of community and family. “Growing up, I was surrounded by excellent dentists who were able to serve their communities and spend time with their families. Through their influence, I decided that dentistry would give me the opportunity to both serve my community and spend time with my family.” Dr. Logan graduated from the University of Texas at Houston School of Dentistry. He continued honing his skills in western Colorado working with the underserved population of the area.

Dr. Logan found his passion for implants and dentures early on in his career. He has spent a profound amount of time working with denture and implant patients starting prior to dental school. He is committed to continuously honing his skills and staying up to date with implant education in order to provide his patients with the highest quality of treatment available.

When not at the office, Dr. Logan spends his time with his family. He and his wife, Chelsea, have 4 children.

Lead Dental Assistant
Andrea - lead dental assistant at Mesa Dental Implants and Dentures by Dr. Logan
Dental Hygienist
Chelsea - dental hygienist at Mesa Dental Implants and Dentures by Dr. Logan
Dental Assistant
April - dental assistant at Mesa Dental Implants and Dentures by Dr. Logan

All-On-4 Dental Implant Warranty

Our implant success rates are so predictable that we offer an unprecedented 5-year implant warranty (some conditions and limitations do apply).

Our 5-year dental implant warranty program*

Your implant will work, or we will remove it and replace it – absolutely free.

Many surgeons will offer this courtesy, but few will do so in writing. In addition, in those rare instances when an implant does fail, corrective surgery such as bone and/or soft tissue grafting is often needed. If we have to remove one of our implants, not only will we replace it absolutely free, but any corrective procedures required will also be performed at no cost.

Your implant will remain functional for 5 years or we will fix it – absolutely free!

Although uncommon, implants can develop problems. This includes loss of bone or gum because of uncontrolled gum disease, overload, or other reasons.

*Conditions and limitations
If an implant fails to integrate we will replace it at no cost, one time only. An annual implant examination including X-rays and regular dental cleanings (every 6 months minimum) in our office is an absolute requirement for this warranty to apply. This warranty does not apply to smokers (including vapers) or to persons who have, or who develop, an uncontrolled systemic health problem, such as, but not limited to, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, severe osteoporosis or any condition requiring long-term steroid use. This warranty does not apply if an implant has failed due to an accident (car accident, etc.). If smoking or a medical condition is suspected as the cause of implant failure or other complication that requires treatment, a medical examination and appropriate blood tests will be required for this warranty to apply.