Snap-In Implant Dentures
Mesa, AZ

Combines the great looks of your dentures, with the function you need.

What are Snap-In Implant Dentures?

Snap-In Implant Dentures are similar to dentures, but come with special fittings that allow them to attach, or “snap-in” to the dental implants our doctor places.

Anchoring your dentures with dental implants allows you to:

  • Enjoy your favorite foods | By securing your denture with dental implants, you’re able to chew with much greater power and confidence.
  • Taste your food better | Some patients with implants can have part of their upper denture’s palate removed. This allows you to taste your food better.
  • Receive better nutrition | Ability to eat a wider variety of food and to chew your food much easier.
  • Speak confidently | Speak in front of crowds or amongst friends and family with confidence knowing that your teeth are firmly secure.
  • Smile and laugh without worrying about your dentures falling out.
  • Live more comfortably | Less movement, rubbing, and chafing than traditional dentures.
  • Reduce or eliminate gagging | In many cases, a portion of the top palate can be removed, exposing the roof of the mouth. This can reduce or eliminate gagging caused by your denture.
  • Reduce bone loss | Extracted teeth and traditional dentures can contribute to bone loss, but dental implants provide jaw stimulation which encourages your body to continue to produce bone.

am i a candidate?

Most patients are candidates for Snap-In Implant Dentures! We’ll just need to see you for a quick consultation to know for certain. During your FREE Consultation, we’ll take a 3D scan of your jaw, our doctor will perform an oral examination of your mouth, and they will review your medical history with you.

How Many Implants Will I Need?

  • Upper | An upper implant denture will require at least 4 implants.
  • Lower | A lower implant denture will require at least 2 implants, although 3 or 4 typically provide improved retention and stability.

snap-in implant dentures vs. traditional dentures

While traditional dentures typically look nice and are usually the most cost-effective way to replace failing or missing teeth, they can leave a lot to be desired in terms of function, stability, and chewing ability.

Here are some shortfalls of traditional (non-implant) dentures:

  • Limited chewing power due to movement of your lower denture. Chewing power can be limited to only 10-20% of what a person had with natural teeth.
  • Instability | The movements of your tongue and cheeks continually push and pull on the lower denture causing it to remain unstable.
  • Speech can be difficult due to the movement of the lower denture.
  • Embarrassment caused by difficulty eating in public or laughing loudly due to fear of your dentures falling out.
  • Discomfort | Traditional dentures, especially lowers, can rub and chafe the gums causing irritation.
  • Poor nutrition | Patients may be unable to eat a balanced diet or chew food sufficiently for proper digestion.
  • Bone loss | After your teeth are removed, the process of losing bone will continue for the remainder of your life. This means that traditional dentures become more difficult to wear over time.
  • Gagging | A traditional upper denture will cover the roof of your mouth, providing suction and stability. Unfortunately, for many people, this can cause gagging.

Snap-In Implant Dentures help improve or eliminate all of these issues.

Full-Mouth Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

Full mouth implants versus traditional dentures comparison chart

Snap-In Implant Dentures Cost

This pricing is the lowest in the area while also providing the best final result. We are able to achieve this by having a highly experienced dentist who performs the entire procedure from start to finish along with a highly trained in-house dental lab technician. They have performed this procedure from start to finish together countless times.

2 Implant



Replaces all of your bottom teeth with a secure denture held in by 2 dental implants.

This price includes 2 dental implants, abutments, snaps, and the Snap-In Denture. It does not include the price of extraction.

4 Implant

Single Arch


Replaces all of your top OR bottom teeth with a secure denture held in by 4 dental implants.

This price includes 4 dental implants, abutments, snaps, and the Snap-In Denture. It does not include the price of extraction.

8 Implant

Both Arches


This replaces all of your top AND bottom teeth with a secure denture held in by 4 dental implants on each arch.

These replace all of your top AND bottom teeth with secure dentures held in by dental implants. This price includes 8 dental implants (4 upper, 4 lower), abutments, snaps, and your Snap-In Dentures. It does not include the price of extraction.

Available Financing Options

Dental Implants are an important investment in yourself. Having the option to break this investment down into monthly payments can help make these life-changing services more accessible and easier to fit into your budget. We work with a variety of financing providers that offer payment plans to cover either all or part of your dental implant procedure. This is a great option for all patients, especially those who are on a fixed income. With these flexible financing options, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile without breaking the bank.

Contact us to learn more about our financing options and schedule your FREE Consultation with Dr. Logan today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Snap-In Implant Dentures Mesa, AZ

How many implants will I need?

On an upper denture you will need 4 implants for adequate support. However on a lower denture you only NEED 2 implants for an added benefit. Having said that, I typically refer back to the metaphor of comparing the stability of a table to a snap-in denture. Which would you prefer to enjoy your dinner on: a table with 2 or 4 legs?
Implant dentures range from $9,999 – $14,999. Click here for our transparent pricing.
It all depends if you have enough bone to support the denture. Human jaws will atrophy over time without stimulation forces.
No, snap-in dentures require that you wear a traditional denture for the 3 months of healing for implants.
Yes. Patients you have teeth removed, implants placed, and wear the immediate denture will have discomfort. Much of the discomfort is due to the immediate denture placing pressure points on your healing gums. We always provide a soft temporary liner in your immediate denture to aid in comfort for the initial healing.

Yes. We offer IV sedation as a complimentary service for our bundled deals with this procedure.

When compared to traditional dentures there is no comparison. The plastic female attachments that connect to the denture do wear out over time but they can be replaced in a short 10-minute visit.
Yes, implants allow us to minimize the size of a denture since the retention is held in by the implants and not suction via the roof of the mouth.
The roof of the mouth is removed when we engage the implants in the denture.
On average they need to be changed every 2 years.
Alveoloplasty is when the bone needs to be reshaped so that it is round and smooth. If there are any areas that are pointy then the denture would be too painful to wear.
Tori, or exostosis, is a condition where there is excess bone on the inner or outer part of the jaw. Typically tori will cause a pressure point on the denture creating pain that will not get better unless it is removed.
Most dentures extend into areas near the salivary glands. This contact will often stimulate the saliva production and drooling will occur.
It is common for bleeding to “weep” for about 12-24 hours after the surgery. If it is bleeding enough to saturate the provided gauze to a deep red color then you need to reach out to the doctor.
No. At this time there aren’t enough long term studies that test the durability using zirconia metal implants in this type of procedure.
Yes, that is a sign that you will need a reline. Remember your bone can still atrophy in the areas that an implant isn’t placed. A gap may form in the area and thus food can get under. This is one of the disadvantages of a snap-on denture that pushes people to the fixed denture.
It is recommended that you should take off three days of work.
A soft liner is a temporary cushion-like material that lines on the denture to add comfort. It typically only lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. We often change it out after the first week after the initial swelling of your gums goes down.
Age isn’t a factor in getting this procedure done. It is based on the condition of your teeth. If your teeth are considered to be at the end of their life, then a snap on denture should be considered as a viable treatment option.
You should have ready all of the food in liquid form that you want to eat for the initial three days, ice packs, and the prescribed meds for healing. It would also be good to have on hand green tea bags because if you run out of gauze, then that is the next best alternative to help achieve a stable blood clot.
Snap-in dentures are very similar to the function of natural teeth, but they will feel different when you chew. This really only applies to somebody that was not wearing a denture prior to the procedure. So we recommend that you use them as if they were natural teeth. The only limitation that you may run into is biting excessive force on the front of the denture May cause the back part of the denture to dislodge.
No, you will not know how to speak properly initially. Speech is one of the most common complications with dentures no matter what kind you get. Your “S” sounds will have a lisp and the CH sound may be challenging at the start. On average it takes about four weeks for your speech to sound normal in your head. Although it’s about 1 to 2 weeks, wearing a denture where other people will not notice a change in how you talk. If you do not adapt after that period of time, then we will sit down with you and make the changes that are necessary for you to adapt.
Your dentures should not rock. If they do it is an easy problem to address.
The only option to remove the roof of your mouth is to have a denture gauge and two implants. Until we can get to that point, the only way to achieve function on the upper denture is the suction provided by the roof of the mouth.
Yes, implant dentures are removable.
Yes, implants can fail. Common reasons for implant failure are inflammation on the tissue due to lack of hygiene or ill-fitting denture. Medical conditions, such as diabetes or smoking, have a dramatic negative impact on the longevity of an implant.
Implant snap-in dentures require you to clean your denture every single day with a denture brush. Additionally, implant dentures require cleaning your implants as if they were real teeth with a toothbrush every single day. Twice a year we recommend getting a cleaning, professionally done with the hygienist on the implants and allowing us to clean your denture with an ultrasonic bath.

Snap-In Implant Dentures Procedure Timeline

The process typically takes around 6 months from start to finish.

Once your remaining teeth are removed and any other necessary oral surgery procedures are performed, the dental implants are placed into your jawbone. After this, the implants are typically not visible from the surface. They will remain in your jawbone untouched for at least 4 months while your bone attaches to them during a process called osseointegration.
Post Op
We’ll see you back for a quick post-operative appointment, which is usually scheduled the day after your procedure. During this appointment, we’ll evaluate your mouth, ensure that your dentures are fitting comfortably, and answer any questions you may have.
Post Op
Soft Liners / Soft Re-Fittings
Soft liners are small cushions that we periodically place in your denture as you heal. They fill in the spaces between your gums and dentures, and give your gums some cushioning to help your dentures fit and feel better.
Soft Liners / Soft Re-Fittings
This is a small surgical procedure where we re-expose your implants and place small healing abutments on top of them to properly shape your gum tissue and prepare your mouth for your final Snap-In Dentures.
Attachment of Implants to Dentures
We will change out your healing abutments for your denture abutments and perform the steps necessary to attach your Snap-In Dentures to your implants. This step can usually be done in one day.
Attachment of Implants to Dentures

All-On-4 Dental Implant Warranty

Our implant success rates are so predictable that we offer an unprecedented 5-year implant warranty (some conditions and limitations do apply).

Our 5-year dental implant warranty program*

Your implant will work, or we will remove it and replace it – absolutely free.

Many surgeons will offer this courtesy, but few will do so in writing. In addition, in those rare instances when an implant does fail, corrective surgery such as bone and/or soft tissue grafting is often needed. If we have to remove one of our implants, not only will we replace it absolutely free, but any corrective procedures required will also be performed at no cost.

Your implant will remain functional for 5 years or we will fix it – absolutely free!

Although uncommon, implants can develop problems. This includes loss of bone or gum because of uncontrolled gum disease, overload, or other reasons.

*Conditions and limitations
If an implant fails to integrate we will replace it at no cost, one time only. An annual implant examination including X-rays and regular dental cleanings (every 6 months minimum) in our office is an absolute requirement for this warranty to apply. This warranty does not apply to smokers (including vapers) or to persons who have, or who develop, an uncontrolled systemic health problem, such as, but not limited to, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, severe osteoporosis or any condition requiring long-term steroid use. This warranty does not apply if an implant has failed due to an accident (car accident, etc.). If smoking or a medical condition is suspected as the cause of implant failure or other complication that requires treatment, a medical examination and appropriate blood tests will be required for this warranty to apply.